by Владимир Сабоурин

the “hypocrite of dreams”

Нощни плажове

So the first little house will have been opened on the agora by Antiphon the sophist, whom Jean-Paul Dumont, in his very first translation into French of the sophists, already referred to as “the inventor of psychoanalysis”:

Antiphon composed, as well as poetry, an art of making sufferers feel better (déchagrin) [tekhnê alupias] like the various therapies in use among doctors for their patients. He set up a little house [oikêma ti] near the agora in Corinth, and on the gate wrote [proegraphen] that he could treat those were suffering [tous lupomenous, those in distress, or afflicted] with nothing but words [dia logôn therapeuein] and that, once he was aware of the causes [punthanomenos tas aitias], he would comfort the weary by giving them advice through the spoken word [paremutheito tous kamnontas].

Lucien calls him the “hypocrite of dreams”:

In the centre of the square is a spring which they…

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