Hristo Hristov: Kill the Wanderer

by Владимир Сабоурин

Global Literature in Libraries Initiative

In March 2018, one of the top news in Bulgaria was the announcement of the „Dossier Commission“ that deals with the files of the former communist State Security Services, that Julia Kristeva, the prominent French writer and intellectual of Bulgarian origin has been an agent of the State Security, according to their findings. What followed was a heated discussion about the interpretation of this information. While Julia Kristeva denied all accusations against her, the Commission published her dossier online, containing hundreds of pages of transcripts of reports by Kristeva on the Bulgarian community in Paris that she knowingly or unknowingly delivered to Bulgaria’s Secret Service. There is also a document in which Kristeva signs up to be an agent of the State Security – according to Kristeva, this is all a fabrication with the aim to tarnish her reputation.

There are of course a few question marks in this particular…

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