Mikhail Veshim: The English Neighbour

by Владимир Сабоурин

Global Literature in Libraries Initiative

Bulgaria’s rural areas have seen a dramatic change in the last decades: the population of many villages is dwindling, a lack of public infrastructure, such as schools, medical services, sometimes even water and electricity supply, but also of jobs have driven many people in the bigger cities or abroad; at the same time Bulgaria’s population is in general shrinking every year at a fast pace, also as a result of the low reproduction rates. On the other hand, cheap property prices, great nature and the appeal of a simple life where you live in a peaceful surrounding, growing your own fruits and vegetables have led to a migration in the other direction: some foreigners discovered Bulgaria as a place that seems to be suitable for retirement and old age, and a lot of the villages have now a few foreigners living there, many of them from the UK. This is…

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