New Social Poetry: an interview with Vladimir Sabourin

by Владимир Сабоурин

„New Social Poetry“ is a Bulgarian literary movement, created in 2016 in Sofia. The first publication of this group, the „Manifesto of the New Social Poetry“ has created a lot of controversial discussions due to the outspoken rhetoric of the text against the so-called „peaceful transition“ in Bulgaria, a period after the official end of communism that can be characterized, among others, by a continuity of old elites and their representatives in the cultural sphere. In an essay collection „Towards a New Social Poetry“ by the group’s founder, Vladimir Sabourin, the author offers his analysis of the situation of Bulgarian poetry and the conditions in which it is created today; recent developments related to the prestigious „Literary Journal“ (Literaturen Vestnik) were for him obviously the trigger to create this new poetic movement. In the short time since its foundation, the group has held many…

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